The Yankees Bloggers League drafted this afternoon. We've got 10 teams in the league. They're run by James, Seamus and myself, Joseph, Ben and Mike from River Ave. Blues, Dave and Aziz from Pride of the Yankees, EJ from Pinstripe Potentials and Pending Pinstripes and Jennifer from

The draft order went like this: Ben, Mike, me, EJ, Aziz, James, Joseph, Seamus, Dave and Jennifer. The first 10 players off the board were Albert Pujols, Jose Reyes, Alex Rodriguez, Johan Santana, Ryan Howard, Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Beltran, David Wright, Chase Utley and Miguel Cabrera. 13 Yankees were drafted in all. Divided by team:

Ben: None.
Mike: None.
Patrick: Posada, A-Rod, Jeter, Abreu, Matsui, Rivera, Pettitte and Igawa.
EJ: None.
Aziz: None.
James: None.
Joseph: None.
Seamus: Mussina.
Dave: Giambi.
Jennifer: Cano, Damon and Wang.

If anyone wants to take a crack at some draft analysis, I encourage it. :)

It was an awesome turnout with all 10 teams making it to the draft (Dave was a little late and Joseph came in about halfway through). It was a lot of fun and I wish every good luck this season.