That's right, Mighty Matt DeSalvo put up another 5 and two-thirds of shut-out ball tonight. He only gave up 2 hits but keeps showing control issues, racking up 5 walks and 5 strikeouts. I wish the guy nothing but the best after the nightmare that was his 2006 season. (If Hughes is out for a few starts (and I'm praying that's all that it is), I'm thinking that DeSalvo makes Hughes' start.)

Oh, and there's a kid named Hughes who had been pitching a no-hitter through 6 and a third innings down in Texas. He had thrown 83 pitches (the rest is moot) already but he's showing no signs of fatigue just yet...but it'll be interesting to see long they let him go.

UPDATE: INJURY! They just took him out. Hughes threw a pitch to Texiera and from the sounds of it, he tweaked something in his leg. No word on severity yet. That sound you just heard - the collective gasp of all of Yankee fandom. If this team didn't have bad luck, it would have no luck.