Joba Chamberlain has received some advice from a man who knows all too well the consequences of living an irresponsible lifestyle under the New York spotlight: Darryl Strawberry.

It's a nice piece from Newsday's Jim Baubach:

What Strawberry doesn't want to hear is Chamberlain say this was a one-time occasion. That, Strawberry said, would sound like denial. "Think about it. He just got caught this time. How many other times did he drive drunk?" Strawberry said. "It's probably not the first time he was behind the wheel intoxicated. It's just that this time he got caught."

So what should Chamberlain do? That's easy, Strawberry said.

"If Joba was smart, he would walk right across his clubhouse and sit down next to Derek Jeter and talk to him about responsibilities and living life the right way," Strawberry said. "If he was really smart after what just happened, there's a guy right in your clubhouse on your team who can help you. Ask him for some advice. Ask him the things you should do. And he'll sit down with you and tell you.

I obviously don't know Joba personally, so I couldn't give an opinion on whether this incident is simply an aberration or not. In the case that it isn't, though, there is no better way to learn the consequences of such actions than to listen to somebody who's lived with those consequences, other than suffering them yourself. Here's to hoping Mr. Chamberlain doesn't let it get to that point.