Bryan Hoch has an article on the three team captains in the game: Derek Jeter, Paul Konerko and Jason Varitek.

"It's an important role and it's an honor," Jeter said. "I know, in this organization, it's not something that's thrown around lightly. It's something that I cherish." ...

"There are a lot of responsibilities," Jeter said. "You're accountable to your team, your teammates, the organization, the media. You understand that it's not just an honorary thing."

The article notes that, of the three, Varitek is the only one to wear a C on his jersey.

I've heard some rumblings, which are natural, that Jeter isn't the best choice for captain and that someone else, perhaps Jorge Posada would be better. I think part of this is based on public perception of things. Just because Posada speaks out more on issues, like trading for Santana or leaving Joba in the pen, doesn't make him more suited to be captain. The captain's role is private as much as anything. i.e. what he does when the press isn't looking. You can find plenty of quotes from teammates, current and former, testifying to Jeter's prowess as captain, in the things he's done with his teammates, when the press isn't necessarily around.

If I have to pick one from my outside perspective, it's Jeter. I love that he's the captain. In Jeter, we're witnessing a Yankee legend of a historical caliber. 70 years from now, they'll talk about Jeter like they talk about Gehrig now. He handles himself professionally on and off the field. He's the consummate team player and an example of a guy who plays the game the right way and has the proper respect for the game and those that came before him. (No,I don't think him not running away from the shortstop position when A-Rod came takes away from him nor his relative no comment during A-Rod's struggles. He's still a human being like everyone else).

Some of the things I say for Jeter, I can also say for Jorge. You can also find plenty of articles talking about Posada's leadership. I think he's a terrific leader and would make a fine captain. I don't see why we need to pigeonhole the team into only having one leader. The captain is important, but you need multiple leaders and character guys to make great teams. Derek Jeter is a great leader. Jorge Posada is a great leader. Mariano Rivera is a great leader. They all lead in different ways, but it doesn't mean that any of them isn't a good leader. Other guys are leaders and can manage leadership roles just fine. Like A-Rod or Moose with the young pitchers this spring. At the end of the day, we should be less concerned with switching around captains and more glad that we actually have players of this quality when it comes to leadership.