Man, every time I watch a game, someone gets hurt. This time, it was Kyle Farnsworth who tried to snatch a Brandon Phillips grounder with his bare right hand. Farnsworth was taken out of the game and got three stitches in the webbing between his pinky and ring fingers for his trouble...but he doesn't anticipate going on the DL.

As for the game itself, it looked like a pretty good pitcher's duel as both pitchers were doing well going into the 4th. Of course, at that point, Andy Pettitte decided to make it interesting. Strictly in the interest of entertainment, of course. With one out, he walked Ken Griffey, gave up a single to Brandon Phillips and walked Paul Janish to load the bases. Pettitte then proceeded to strike out the Reds' young guns. he took out Votto on 4 pitches and worked the count to 3-2 before getting the Bruce to swing through a cutter.

The Yanks scored their first run in the bottom of the fifth when Jason Giambi and Jorge Posada singled and doubled to lead off the inning. Cano brought in Giambi with a sac fly...but that's all they would get as Melky K'd (this is not helping to stave off the masses calling for a switch with Brett Gardner) and Damon popped out.

The Yankees would put the game away in the 6th when Jason Giambi roped a two-out double that plated Derek Jeter and Hideki Matsui. Jorge Posada followed with a double of his own to make the score 4-0.

Junior would hit his 601st HR to make it 4-1 but Mo would come on and close out the game...though he did make it interesting as the Reds had 3 shots with the tying run at the plate. Still, the Yankees break the losing streak and keep pace with the Red Sox, who also lost 2 of 3. Pirates and Mets, here we come.