's Tim Buckley publishes the site's findings in analyzing the home runs hit this season at Yankee Stadium. The reason? The dimensions of the park.

The right field wall is shorter by an average of 4-5 feet, but as much as 9 feet in certain areas and the wall itself is approximately 2 feet less than at the old stadium. Accordingly, their research indicates that 19% of home runs hit this season, at the stadium, would not have left the old park. This is about 20 out of the 105 that have been hit out of the yard.

On the current pace, they point out, 293 home runs would be hit at Yankee Stadium this season and as many as 56 of those could be due to the fence adjustments.'s Bobbie Dittmeier has stats for 2009 and the last four seasons through 25 games. Even if you take out 20 homers, the 85 home runs would still be the highest of the five seasons - by 12.

Earlier this year, Benjamin Kabak of River Ave. Blues and Steve Lombardi of discussed the fence dimension theory in detail.