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Posted by: Patrick
Billy Martin fell short of election into the Baseball Hall of Fame on the veterans ballot as they opted to elect umpire Doug Harvey and manager Whitney Herzog, reports Tyler Kepner of the Times.

Posted by: Patrick
Steve Serby at the New York Post has a Q&A with Scott Boras and he asks the agent about his experiences negotiating with George Steinbrenner and Brian Cashman, in addition to many other topics in and around the game. It's an interesting read. Here's what he said on Steinbrenner:

Q: Negotiating with George Steinbrenner?

A: One of the most enjoyable experiences I’ve ever dealt with . . . a true American . . . a great sportsman. Someone who’s very direct, but when information is brought to him, certainly he listened and responded. I really miss working with George, although Hal has demonstrated he has the abilities to carry on the Steinbrenner legacy.

Q: The end of the seemingly endless Bernie Williams negotiations (when Bernie nearly left for the Red Sox)?

A: (George) turned to me and said, “OK partner, we have to make sure this guy does well for the next seven years!”

Q: Your response?

A: “George, we’re gonna look back on this and say Bernie Williams was responsible for at least three World Championships during his career with the Yankees.” He got four. We all felt very good about the outcome of it.
Posted by: Patrick
The Yankees are among the teams interested in the advisory services of former Padres general manager Kevin Towers. Tracy Ringolsby reports that, according to a source, Towers is leaning toward joining the Yankees and working with his friend Brian Cashman.

Via Chad Jennings.
Posted by: Patrick
Mike Cameron has been rumored to be a plan B for the Yankees in the outfield, but Will Carroll says that the Cubs are willing to make a move on him once they deal Milton Bradley.

Via Joseph Pawlikowski via Moshe Mandel.
Posted by: Patrick
Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of Fox Sports report that, even though the team's first priority is to sign Andy Pettitte and they have plans to make an offer on Roy Halladay, they will take a look at what else is out there.

Specifically, John Lackey, Rich Harden, Joel Pineiro and Randy Wolf are named, with Wolf and Pineiro looked at as unlikely.

Via Zach Links.
Posted by: Patrick
ESPN's Buster Olney reports that the team has considered it's considered their options for a corner outfielder and decided that they will not include Matt Holliday and Jason Bay. Johnny Damon remains a priority, but the team could move on to Mike Cameron if that doesn't work out.

Via River Ave. Blues.
Posted by: Patrick
Yesterday, we heard reports from that the Yankees were looking to lower payroll to the $185 million dollar range.

ESPN's Buster Olney now says that the budget is between $190 and $200 million. However, he notes that this could always change.

Via Chad Jennings.
Posted by: Patrick
The Canadian Press reports that former Blue Jays general manaber J.P. Ricciardi told SIRIUS XM Radio's MLB Home Plate that Roy Halladay wants out of Toronto.

The pitcher has set a spring training deadline for any deal. The Yankees are expected to make a bid.

Via Mike Axisa.
Posted by: Patrick
Reports from Friday's team meetings in Tampa are trickling in. They have set a budget and they're aiming lower as sources told and Marc Carig of The Star-Ledger that the team plans to cut it's payroll. says that they'd like to have a figure around $185 million, down from their 2009 opening day payroll of $201 million.

Meanwhile, George A. King at the Post reports that the team will make Andy Pettitte it's top priority, in an effort to solidify the starting rotation.

Finally, Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman says that the team will make a play on Halladay as has been rumored. According to Heyman, the Blue Jays are looking for some combination of Phil Hughes, Joba Chamberlain, Austin Jackson and Jesus Montero.

Via Chad Jennings and Mike Axisa.
Posted by: Patrick
According to stories from's Bryan Hoch and George A. King III at the Post, George Steinbrenner is involved in the meetings being held down in Tampa, where the team is crafting it's course of action for this offseason.

Technically, what they are really reporting is not so much that he is active, but that there was a two hour lunch meeting held at Steinbrenner's house, with Hal Steinbrenner, Brian Cashman, Joe Girardi, team present Randy Levine and chief operating officer Lonn Trost.

It seems like there is no shortage of people scoffing at the notion of the elder Steinbrenner being actively involved, but it's not terribly surprising that he'd be involved in some way. After all, he's still the Principal Owner and Chairperson of the team. Just because he's ceded the day-to-day responsibilities to his son doesn't mean that he's never going to impact a decision the team makes.
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