Welcome to YanksBlog.com, an unofficial New York Yankees blog.

I have been blogging about the Yankees at my personal blog since it launched in April of last year, but for almost as long I have planned to launch a blog dedicated to the Yankees, my favorite baseball team. Today, 05/05/05, that becomes reality as YanksBlog.com becomes the latest iFroggy Network site.

Blogging alongside me will be David Williams (from MarianoRivera.com), Michael Black and Seamus Molloy (from SportsForums.net and MarianoRivera.com).

We will blog from a diehard, supportive Yankees fan's perspective. We're huge fans of these guys... we love these guys... and we won't try to hide this.

Our banner (which may or may not be final - small tweaks may be made) was designed by my friend Bryan (of Oybro and PhotoshopForums.com). Special thanks to him.

Thank you for stopping by - I hope that this will become a popular stop for true and diehard Yankees fans.