The Daily News has assembled their top 10 best and worst New York athletes and best and worst New York sports moments of the past decade. As one could expect, the Yankees factor heavily.

For the best athletes, we have number 4 in Alex Rodriguez, number 2 in Mariano Rivera and number 1 in Derek Jeter. As far as the worst athletes go, Kei Igawa checks in at 7, Kevin Brown at 3 and Carl Pavano at 2 (Stephon Marbury takes the top slot).

Yankees moments appear in the best moments list 5 times. Number 8 is "The Flip," number 6 is the miracle home runs during the 2001 World Series, number 4 is Aaron Boone, number 3 is the 2009 World Series title and number 2 is the 2000 World Series title. The Giants grab the top spot in this list with their Super Bowl win over the Patriots.

Finally, for the worst moments, we have Clemens throwing the bat at Piazza (number 8), the Diamondbacks beating us in the World Series (6), the steroid accusations and admissions (4) and The Curse being broken in 2004 (1).

Via Joseph Pawlikowski.