Last night, a source told Ken Rosenthal and Jon Paul Morosi of FOX Sports that the Yankees, Diamondbacks and Tigers were talking about a three way trade that would have broken down as follows:

Yankees receive: center fielder Curtis Granderson from the Tigers and one or two prospects from the Diamondbacks.

Diamondbacks receive: pitcher Edwin Jackson from the Tigers and pitcher Ian Kennedy from the Yankees.

Tigers receive: pitcher Max Scherzer from the Diamondbacks and center fielder Austin Jackson and pitchers Phil Coke and Michael Dunn from the Yankees.

So, in all, the Yankees would have traded Kennedy, Jackson, Coke and Dunn for Granderson and one or two prospects from the Diamondbacks. But, the FOX Sports duo also reported that the deal was at a deadlock and that the Diamondbacks were really championing the deal which was rejected by by at least one of the teams, according to their source.

In a later report, they quoted a source as saying that the chances of the deal taking place were "not good" and that the main issue was that the Yankees didn't feel like they were getting a fair deal. They had even more sources telling them that the Diamondbacks were not willing to kick in any prospects after all.

Sports Illustrated's Jon Heyman calls the deal "very unlikely" while Buster Olney of ESPN says the deal progressed to the point where only one team liked it. He also compared the Tigers offering of Granderson to how the Blue Jays offered Roy Hallday in July: "The team is asking for the moon and stars, and if they get [what] they ask for, great."

Via Ben Nicholson-Smith.